"I'm green as loveing as Japanese tea."

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#Bocha time for #kabocha! If you don’t get it, you’re def not from #Hawaii! #ilubgrub #doodle #pidgin #rubberducky

super late post of this hunger game inspired food doodle #catchingfire

Today’s Top 3 Essay Errors:

3.  I will tell you about doream.  I like spoted.  I know.  enjoy basketball!  Put your hand?  Sorry.

2.  I will tell you about to do hard.  It is important to do hard.

1.  I will tell you about my friends.  I like them.  They make me happy.  When I am hard, they help me.  I’m glad to help me. 

#SteveJobs x #StevieWonder collaboration! #ilubgrub #doodle for all the #iphone #iphone5s users out there (of which I am not included)

I swear I’m #natto crazy! (Ok maybe just a little haha) #ilubgrub #doodle #japanese #food #nattolove

Are you a rice guy?  Wong FOOD Productions! @philipwang @tedfu @thewesleychan @wongfuproductions

Are you a rice guy?  Wong FOOD Productions! @philipwang @tedfu @thewesleychan @wongfuproductions

"Green Eggs & SPAM"

Local style version of a Dr. Seuss classic!  ”Green Eggs & SPAM” started off as a fun idea that my friend Nathan and I began talking about around a year ago…and a now, a year later, I finally got around to illustrating it.  Food is love!! #ILUBGRUB Enjoy :)

Stormy Weather

"Chasing Fate"

This is a poem I wrote about a month ago, a flow of words that seemed to come to me right before I drifted off to sleep.  A couple of days ago, I woke up and was suddenly inspired to illustrate it.  ”Chasing Fate” is about a girl’s journey to discover her dreams, her beliefs, and the realization that sometimes you just have to let go.